Dog Daycare

Happy Dog PlayingAt Happy Paws, we believe dogs want to play in the fresh air, dig in the dirt, and run the hillsides with their four-legged canine friends. With several acres of rolling hillside, several play areas, and a small indoor play area, dogs can be allowed the opportunity to play, sniff, run, dig, and fetch in the great outdoors.  Daycare is available as a half day which is four hours or less and a full day which is more than four hours.  Daycare is available Monday through Friday.

Daycare dogs will be evaluated to determine their social behavior, play style, and group size preference. Dogs will be provided a "rest time" in the afternoon to allow them to decompress, reduce stimulation, and nap. Studies show that dogs that are not provided with an opportunity to rest can become overstimulated or too tired to emotionally manage group behavior. We want to ensure that your dog is emotionally cared for as well as physically exercised.

After all, dogs just want to be dogs.


$23 per day; $12 each additional dog
$15 per half day (four hours or less); $10 each additional dog

Daycare Packages:

20-day $395 ($19.50 per day)
20-day additional dog* $210

10-day $205 ($20.50 per day)
10-day additional dog* $108

5-day $105 ($21.00 per day)
5-day additional dog* $54

*Additional dog(s) must be from the same family and on the same account


Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Facility and Happy Paws MissoulaHappy Paws currently offers in-home dog boarding and boarding in a separate kennel building.  All boarding is temperature controlled and indoors. In-home boarding dogs are allowed to play, wander, watch TV, and sit by the fireplace during the day.  Dogs that stay in our kennel building enjoy time out side and use of the indoor play area as weather dictates.  If your dog attends dog daycare, they can join their canine friends during the day for their normal daycare attendance. Each dog is provided a dog kennel to settle down, nap, and eat and to sleep. Dogs that are boarding are provided with after dinner snuggles, pets, and a bed time cookie. Currently, there are eight in-home dog kennels and twelve standard kennels available for boarding.  In-home kennels consist of four 3 x 5 kennels and four 3 x 4 stacked kennels (two on top of two).  Standard kennels are 5 x 5.

Dog boarding is available seven days a week.  You may pick up and drop off anytime during our standard business hours.


In-Home Kennels (3 x 5 with isolation panel sides and an open front):

$70/night for two dogs
$95/night for three dogs

Management reserves the right to move dogs scheduled for In-Home Boarding to a standard kennel if necessary to accommodate a special needs dog's stay.

In-Home Condos (3 x 4 with isolation panel sides and open front):
$68/night for two dogs
Lower level condos restricted to dogs under 50 pounds; upper level condos restricted to dogs under 15 pounds

Standard Kennels (5 x 5 open kennels):
$68/night for two dogs
$93/night for three dogs

Dog Training

Basic obedience and family dog training are available. Especially enjoy working with puppies and young adolescent dogs. Training uses positive reinforcement (reward based) methods.


Training Consultation: $50 per hour
Private Training with Owner: $45 per hour
Private Training with Dog Only: $20 per half hour

Happy Paws, Inc. utilizes PexExec to manage our boarding and daycare services. As a client, you are able to set up an account and schedule, update, and pay for services. As always, feel free to call the office for assistance with those services.